November 16, 2021

Whitelisting for OrbitX’s AOM NFT Started. Fund Breakdown Disclosed.

Yesterday, Orbital Exploration Technologies, Inc. started the whitelisting procedure for their Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Aliens of Malaya (AOM). The proceeds breakdown will go to the following:

  • 25% – Haribon Rocket Development
  • 5% – Biofuel Scaling
  • 5% – Tree planting and Ocean clean up
  • 15% – Team
  • 10% – ORBX Liquidity
  • 20% – Contingency Fund
  • 15% – Continuous Metaverse Development

A. Whitelisted Benefits:
* All random NFTs will have a market base price of 0.2 BNB.
* Whitelisted addresses will be able to get AOM NFT assets for only 0.17 BNB (per piece at less than 3 pieces.)
* There will be 50 exclusive custom NFTs which will be valued at 0.5 BNB base price.
* Promo prices (SUPER DISCOUNT) will be the following:
– Buy 3 take 1 free (0.4 BNB only)
– Buy 9 take 3 free + 1 custom NFT (1.10 BNB only)
– Buy 15 take 6 free + 1 custom NFT + sure inclusion to ODA Creative Council (1.75 BNB only)
* All NFTs will have AOM Tees to be delivered to your homes.
* Early access. Early flip.
* Separate exclusive community.
* Commissions

B. Whitelisting Steps:
* Step 1: Follow @ORBXGlobal on Twitter.
* Step 2: Retweet ( and tag 2 friends.
* Step 3: Join and invite 1 friend in our Discord community (Link: Provide proof if already invited someone before.
* Step 4: Join and invite 1 friend in our Telegram community (Link: Provide proof if already invited someone before.
* Step 5: Like
* Step 6: Create an account in by connecting your Smart Chain wallet.


D. More Details:
* Upon the suggestion of our developer,, we will utilize a major NFT platform, It will be easier for everyone to get the project exposed and to flip easily.
* Once whitelisted, we will send a confirmation to inform you through Discord, Telegram or E-mail.
* Settle the BNB payment to this address: 0xd3592C204368a275B955b381c6f205B8961f5C65
* Send the proof of payment to our e-mail: [email protected]
* We will mint your NFT and transfer it immediately to your address.
* Profile picture it to all your social media accounts, enjoy and flip!

E. Reminders:
* All assets will be game assets.
* There will be a PVP game with Play2Earn features.
* Please sell at your own risk. Make sure that you sell at a higher price. There will be a DESIGN GUIDE.
* There will be 10,000 AOM NFTs. We will not mint them all at once to allow early supporters to enjoy and flip easily.
* AOM NFTs have exclusive perks. Be wise.
* More NFTs to get, more beneficial inside the game.

This funding round strategy is uncommon to today’s companies yet explored by OrbitX after the successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for Orbital Coin.