August 07, 2021

What is the OrbitX dream?

Well, OrbitX is a homegrown space and security company from the Philippines. OrbitX is a registered company in the said country compliant to the Strategic Trade Management Act (STMA) of the Philippines (Republic Act 10697).

OrbitX has so many projects!

Yes indeed! OrbitX wants to bring the Philippines to space through its Haribon Space Launch System but it has other ventures connected to one another. OrbitX aims to be a prototype of an advanced, futuristic and responsible civilization.

Initial CAD of Haribon SLS-1 (Outdated)

CORE PROJECT: The Haribon Space Launch System

This is the flagship project that caught the attention of industry players like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), International Security Industry Council of Japan and Safran of France. This is a renewable liquid rocket that will be powered by RP-2, a renewable rocket fuel derived from plastics. This launch vehicle is listed in SpaceFund and featured in many credible media outlets in the world.

July 1, 2021 meeting with Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

Collaboration with the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

OrbitX is interested to participate in advancing the waste management technologies and strategies in Philippines’ National Capital Region. It is also strategic and helpful to the company considering that OrbitX has waste to energy initiatives that could be used to generate electricity to communities, make public transport renewable and launch Haribon. Without helping authorities, the entire ecosystem being created by OrbitX will be broken.

The segregated wastes can now be used by OrbitX as a feedstock for OrbitX Fuel.

Quanta Light-based Internet V1

Quanta: The Internet Infrastructure Project

As a space company, OrbitX believes that having access to the final frontier (space) will help us improve our telecommunications. By sending satellites, we can have better internet connectivity allowing industries to propel and more startups to exist. Before sending satellites (which will hopefully happen before the end of this decade), OrbitX is experimenting on light-based internet and traditional internet routes.

OrbitX Fuel 3: Methane from Algae

Since 2019, OrbitX is working with the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) to extract lipids from algae which the company believes can be used as biofuel. Due to the pandemic, the project slowed down because the university’s laboratory is not yet accessible to researchers.

Sinaya Market Logo

Sinaya Marketplace Project

Sinaya is a futuristic marketplace that will use blockchain to integrate and access all products and services of OrbitX and support fishermen, farmers, creators, engineers, researchers, writers and many more. Sinaya will also be the only place where people and businesses can buy launch passes for Haribon.

Sinaya Sat

Sinaya Sat is an application for marine security designed for fishermen. OrbitX cannot disclose the details of this project.

BEP-20 QR of Orbital Coin


OrbitX became interested in blockchain technology. It launched Orbital Coin or ORBX to identify deep technology use cases, flaws and other possibilities in the cryptocurrency world. OrbitX is exploring the use of OrbX as one of the currencies that can be used to access products and services of the company. This is also a tool for the company to help regulators identify bridges to protect consumers and to educate the general public about economics and the future of currency.

OrbitX is a very enterprising organization that features possible solutions to modern day problems. OrbitX is a brainchild of frustrated Filipinos who want to see something new in the Philippines. The company is a prototype, a blueprint and a “super product” on its own.