August 09, 2021

What is next for OrbitX?

A lot.

We are extremely grateful to the individuals behind every project especially to the engineering team lead by Engr. Roy Francis Ciron. They are tireless in finding a way to accomplish the timeline/schedule of Haribon development. They are unsung heroes and they deserve all the credits for making this impossible dream close to reality. We are now in talks with the suppliers both local and abroad but the compressor that we need costs 50,000 USD which is really expensive. But as always, we will find a way. We are getting there.

The survey for the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is also near its completion. This survey is for the waste management of the National Capital Region (NCR). After that, we will interpret the data, create a paper and formulate a recommendation based on the results.

For Quanta internet service, our Chairman and President Dexter Bano is working closely with a group in Batangas. Details cannot be disclosed as of this moment.

We are collaborating with the Filipino developers from the International Security Industry Council of Japan (ISIC-Japan) to provide a highly secured satellite imaging technology for fishermen and for marine protection. There is also a HUGE PROJECT COMING in collaboration between OrbitX and ISIC-Japan. If we say HUGE, WE MEAN IT!

Now, ORBX? The “experimental” blockchain currency. We already burned 227,180,570.235 Orbital Coins. We already onboarded nine (9) collaborators for the most ambitious Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace. This marketplace is in cooperation with, a highly credible and certified blockchain engineering firm founded by a Filipino professional working at IBM.

We are barely scratching the surface. We also received invitations and nominations for international awards. There are a lot to say, but for now, we will remain things this way. New website coming soon: