January 20, 2022


2019, during the early days of Orbital Exploration Technologies, Inc. (OrbitX), we wrote an e-mail to a couple of Philippine senators including Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao. We asked them for “Research and Development Assistance for Orbital Exploration” and the automated e-mail receipt from Pacquiao’s office was dated July 9, 2019 as you can see in the photo below. We always admit the fact that the journey will never be easy and we need to work with different groups, organizations and sectors to make things possible.

Aside from the automated response, we got no appointment and received no words even from the staff of the 8-time division world champion who happens to be a presidential-aspirant. Seven months later, we again wrote a letter to the senators including Pacquiao for “UltrAssist”, a supposedly AI-project to reduce human-errors on the road. The letter receipt by again, an automated-bot was received on February 21, 2020, days before the first COVID-19 lockdown (March 2020 when we hosted the Department of Science and Technology and Far Eastern University for a drone project that succeeded).

This update is to inform you, the readers, that OrbitX has been always interested to work with the government but seeking assistance from the leaders is not easy. After we heard that the legendary boxer and Mr. Koko Pimentel met SpaceX, we were hurt including our supporters and Filipino backers. The boxing legend who happens to be a senator with a couple of attendance in senate sessions will always be a living testimony that Filipino innovation is possible but not that easy. We just have the ability of prioritizing other countries and they are more than willing to exploit our resources for them (read Senate Bill 2094 certified as urgent by President Rodrigo Duterte).

We are here to welcome SpaceX. They are our ally and whatever it is, it will never be their fault.

(Orbital Exploration Technologies, Inc. or OrbitX is a multi-awarded research and development company registered in the Philippines and Delaware, United States of America.)