January 03, 2022


Getting resource support to improve research, conduct engineering projects and aid fishermen remain as a challenge for years. Being a research and innovation firm, OrbitX acknowledges the hurdles and hardships of these sectors. The organization has been dedicated to make paradigm shifts so more ideas and technological breakthroughs can happen.

OrbitX Sinaya is a blockchain enabled marketplace that aims to support the aspiring innovators, change-makers and fisherfolks within the remote localities of every developing country like the Philippines. OrbitX partnered with ProoSys, a certified blockchain architect firm for business and creator of blockchain product for identity management, ProofID (PID). Sinaya will allow users to create and launch projects inside the blockchain like CAD-models, blueprints, documentaries, tutorials and research papers that can be bought and supported by the general public. The marketplace is inspired by many things including the frequent disposal and discontinuation of academic research works and massive corruption that cripples the fishing industry.

OrbitX Sinaya’s launch date is not yet identified but e-mail listings would open before the end of Quarter 1 of 2022.

About OrbitX

OrbitX or Orbital Exploration Technologies, Inc. is an award-winning for profit research and development organization registered both in Philippines and United States of America. OrbitX is known for its ambition of building a fully-renewable rocket launch system powered by biofuel derived from wastes. It has been involved in different hard deep technologies. Aside from that, OrbitX identifies itself as a commercial version of NASA or the ever famous “Bell Labs” and X Factory.