May 10, 2022

OrbitX joins Net Zero Space agreement of Paris Peace Forum pledging commitment to sustainable space access and better ground practices

Orbital Exploration Technologies Inc. or OrbitX has been in the forefront of fulfilling huge Filipino dreams in the field of research, clean technologies and sustainable space access. At the fifth Paris Peace Forum, OrbitX is one of the second generation companies to sign the Net Zero Space charter, an international coalition designed to reduce space debris by 2030 and foster more sustainable use of space for humanity.

“Even though we are not a huge organization yet, we believe that new players like us should become more active and vocal in this specific industrial concern. The growing industry has been relentless in its developments, tests and launch missions that may disrupt the longevity of the whole ecosystem. Here at OrbitX, whatever we do, we always adhere to our core values of protecting earth and making space more accessible,” said Dexter P. Bano Jr., President and Chief Strategic Trade Compliance Officer. “We will remain flexible yet relentless in our quest to give the Philippines new sustainable technologies focusing on the ultimate goal of Filipino space access. Our core values will remain truthful and we will do our best to fulfill our duties as a member of this international initiative. From our Haribon SLS-1 and beyond, and to all our auxiliary projects, we are full-heartedly committing to make space and earth habitable places in line with the international law governing earth sustainability and space developments.


About OrbitX

OrbitX is a Filipino-founded research, aerospace and defense organization registered in the Philippines and United States of America. Their core project is Haribon SLS-1 which aims to be the most affordable and most sustainable launch vehicle from Asia. Other than that, OrbitX served as an industry consultant to different government agencies in the Philippines like the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST).