August 17, 2021


Starting a pioneering company in a developing country is easier said than done. No pathways and no blueprint to use. We experience hardships everyday here at OrbitX all the way from funding the Haribon rocket to making our supporters smile and our haters hate every second.

We are delighted to announce that through the help of Harvard Business Services, we now have Orbital Exploration Technologies, Inc. in the United States of America (USA). We believe that the leader of the free world is the best ally for dreamers like us. They have access to brilliant minds, crazy plans and strategies, and proven resources.

OrbitX USA will act as a bridge for OrbitX PH’s (registered as a spacecraft developer, manufacturer and launcher in the Securities and Exchange Commission, Philippines) engineering team allowing them to be more confident taking a paved way to secure the success of our plan to launch Haribon SLS as soon as we can. This is also strategic considering that we have a growing international attention and have partners in different countries. OrbitX USA is registered in the State of Delaware as an “Aerospace, Defense Contractor.”

We have limited doors to open for our unlimited dreams and we can observe that everyday. The only way to succeed is to create a dent to a caged reality.

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