February 03, 2022

OrbitX Named As One of 21 Top Blockchain Companies for Blockchain Innovation in the Philippines

Aside from designing and building an ambitious rocket, Orbital Exploration Technologies, Inc. or OrbitX has been leading charge to advance science, technology and engineering across different sectors and applications. One of these is a blockchain ecosystem for dreamers, researchers. engineers, fishermen and farmers.

OrbitX has been working with blockchain architect and identity firm Proof ID founded by Alvin Jay Reyes since 2021. OrbitX Founder Dexter Bano said, “We want to be the modern Bell Labs or Alphabet not just in the Philippines but also in Asia.” Even the most anticipated project, the Haribon SLS-1 will be connected to the planned web of solutions. Due to these small efforts, OrbitX was recognized as part of the 21 Top Blockchain Companies for Blockchain Innovation.

It was already announced that within this year, OrbitX will offer a blockchain market service for engineering, researching and agriculture to support brilliant projects outside OrbitX that can be commercialized or used for social benefit. Also, Aliens of Malaya NFT collection has been reduced to 2,500 instead of 10,000 pieces and has been migrating the assets to Opensea from Airnfts to make it dual-chain.