June 08, 2022


International Business Machines Corporation or IBM partners with Orbital Exploration Technologies, Inc. (OrbitX) to build innovative technology products. IBM will provide technical expertise and products access to OrbitX.

IBM is American multinational technology corporation established in 1911. IBM is best known for producing and selling computer hardware and software, as well as cloud computing and data analytics. The company has also served as a major research and development corporation over the years, with significant inventions like the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, and the UPC barcode.

OrbitX is a Filipino-American research and development corporation founded in 2019. OrbitX is known for its Haribon Space Launch System development, Waste to Ecofuel Lines and blockchain research which includes Aliens of Malaya and more.

The partnership aims to foster lean and robust innovation the Filipino way through the aid of IBM’s battle-tested technologies. Collaboration has been approved, June 8 of 2022.