October 15, 2021

International Trade Council (ITC) Awards Gold To OrbitX For SpaceTech Industry

The international Trade Council (ITC) is a non-profit organization established in 1954 to encourage free commerce and global trade between countries and organizations. ITC established an award called “GoGlobal Awards” that recognizes business excellence in all over the world. This year, ITC received 6,416 entries from 178 countries and only 781 were shortlisted, one of them is Orbital Exploration Technologies, Inc. or OrbitX.

The esteemed judges came from various governments and organizations from countries like Estonia, Finland, Switzerland, Kazakhstan and United States of America. The process of selection was extremely strict having ITC’s board and the invited judges critique the overall performance and impact of all companies. There are only 47 categories for this year and one of those is the award for SpaceTech Industry. Last night, October 14, ITC awarded the Gold Award for SpaceTech industry to OrbitX making it as the biggest recognition the Filipino company has received by far.

In his acceptance speech, OrbitX Founder Dexter Bano Jr. expressed his gratitude to his team for their perseverance to pursue the development of Philippines’ first renewable liquid rocket. He encouraged the young generation to pursue their dreams and become always optimistic about the process of achieving it.